Friday, June 29, 2012

Anniversary Of A Dream

It is one year today to the day I got engaged.  It has not sunk in yet that a year has gone by since the dream started. Life has been smooth but not without its speed breakers and rough patches, but still it has been a very good ride thus far.

The morning started with a hunt for vial. Then it was about if we had paper cups.  Then finally after a frantic search for anything resembling a vial or being able to hold water, we finally zeroed in on a blue-colored plastic cap of an antibacterial powder.  Golden water was collected in that.  Then a small plastic dropper was dipped into it and a small amount of golden water was drawn into the dropper.  The dropper then was cautiously held over a small depression on the plastic mold and two drops were disgorged into the thirsty-looking depression. She waited with bated breath for the result while I like a damnable fool slept. She told me later that it was a stimulating experience to watch how the water slowly flow from the depression into another island. I heard her laugh, not her usual laughter but one that had a smattering of confusion in it. I woke up and saw the two lines that had formed in the island.  It was just like the papers said.  I looked at her with realization and she looked away, a bit embarrassed.  I was tongue tied.

She asked me whether I was ready for that.  Whether I was sad and angry?  All I could think of at that time was, "God, this means I will have to really grow up now."  Sad and angry?? Hell, why?

Let me tell you, my lady.  I have been waiting for this for long.  I have always dreamed about it. I have always cherished the thought.  It does not worry me. I am not afraid.  I have always wanted this. This is the second treasure that I seek from you. The first one you have already delivered. I want this badly.  I am going to prepare myself for the midnight operas, the changings and the bad songs.  I am going to start worrying about education and marriage. I am going to start worry about everything. I am going to start looking at you in a new light.  I cannot promise you that I would be the best out there, but then I would strive to be the best.  You my lady, I cannot love more. I am sorry I am a bit weak on the emotions side when it comes to show them, but let me tell you I am happy. I am very very happy.  You are my world, my lady and now soon we will have a new addition.