Saturday, June 18, 2011

Call me Crazy !!

I told her I loved her
And she called me crazy

I bared my heart to her
And she called me crazy

I tried to move mountains for her
And she called me crazy

Now when I look at her
through the steel bars of my cell
I see the love of my life crying
as she looks back at me
thinking about the moments she lost
when she thought I was crazy

But I still see an angel
standing there
who loved me with every bit of her heart
and yet called me crazy
who couldn't tell me that she loved me
but yet thought I could read that in her eyes

I don't know who is the biggest loser here
Was it me or was it her ?
but as I lay on the cold floor of my cell
Her love is all that keeps me warm

I dream of the starry nights
and the bright mornings and sunny days
I hope to be united with her once again
so that she can lovingly
go ahead and call me crazy once again

(not a good attempt, but something I wrote on the fly. ** Any references to any incidents or person is purely coincidence)

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Ten Things I Learned From My Five-year-old Nephew

  1. A five-year-old's voice is much louder than 200 adults combined in a restaurant.
  2. Toys have an average playtime of 120 minutes after which they disintegrate by themselves.
  3. Undigested eggs when regurgitated do tend to stick to the walls and are a bit difficult to wash off.
  4. You have to be a kid to be able to kiss your neighbor's wife and get away with it.
  5. If you are cute with an innocent face, you can get away with blaming somebody else for those smelly farts.
  6. Nothing is unbreakable - you just have to drop it right.
  7. Tom & Jerry teaches you more life lessons than all the Godmen put together.
  8. A randomly thrown ball in a room with a television tends to hit the screen, 9 times out of 10.
  9. A cockroach has to be squashed to ensure that it stays dead.
  10. Ranjikanth is God.  

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Attempts at Haiku

A wilted flower
Yet, doesn't it have
still some scent left over

A blade of grass
Swaying in the wind
Right and Left, Life

A silver coin
I tossed into the well
and felt the depth of darkness


All those sleepless nights in the bed
Flipping and turning till my ass went red
Hoping that the mind would rest
But now all my patience was being put to test

The question kept coming back to me
The one I couldnt answer nor could she
At last, I got up and opened the window
Gathered all my strength to bellow
Can anyone freaking answer me now
Where the fuck is Waldo ?

Live Life As You Want - Our Poem

Live life as you want to live
Dance in the rain
Splash in the puddles
Drink till you are sloshed
And then wake up and drink some more

Dance to your favorite song
Play hide and seek in the mall
Run shouting between the aisles
Act surprised when you are thrown out
Greet a stranger with a hug
And an enemy with a smile

Drive the car to a yonder mile
Honk to the fullest your heart desires
Laugh at petty jokes
Compliment a pretty face
To a grouch, say something rude

Call someone in the middle of the night
Ask them if they were sleeping in their tights
Whistle a song when you are in a meeting
Fart loudly and then act surprised

Dress up like cat woman
and purr at your neighbor's husband
Wear lingerie to church
Tell them you thought it was Halloween

Eat all the things you can find
Spend all day spraying fountains of crap
Play tic tac toe on the walls of the loo
Call out to your loved one every time win against you

Ask people in books out for a dance
Send everyone around into a trance.

Tickle ‘em pink or just be frank

Or maybe live a day as a monk.

Refuse to fit into that pigeonhole
Admit you’re the square peg in a round hole.

Maybe sing a song no one’s heard
Or dance when everyone crawls forward.

And twist the truth to make em smile

Make this journey worth every mile.