Monday, July 11, 2011


Happiness that was long forgotten
Mind clouded by mist of depression
Despair that crushed my heart
And still I never realized how lonely I was

Never once did I hear myself 
cry out loud for help
The pain that I had within
hidden with a smile as superficial it was

Like the dusk carrying the burden
of a day that has died
I roamed around with sorrow hidden
And still I never realized how lonely I was

The day I saw you 
Like a sunrise in a wintry day
The light and joy that you cast upon
Is something I would never forget

I remember how we talked
Like we have known each other for eons past
Never did I feel so happy
Never before I realized how lonely I was

You drove the darkness away
You were the light that pierced through the fog
You were the angel I was waiting for
Though I never had realized how lonely I was

Your smile gives me strength unmeasurable
Your eyes tell me a happy story
Now when I look at you and smile
I finally realize how lonely I was