Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bundle of Joy

So here I am, standing at the cusp of fatherhood feeling like a fisherman's wife standing on the beach waiting for the boat to come in.  I really cannot believe how much I am looking forward to be a father, to hold the bundle of joy in my arms, to look into the baby's eyes and realize that this is what I have waited for all these years, to believe in the God in whose existence I have doubted in moments of despair. 

Let me confess, I love babies. I love their wrinkled skin. I love those teeny weeny fingers and toes. I love the almost bald head and beady eyes. I love the toothless mouth and the button noses. I love the twinkle in their eyes when they smile. I love the sound of their laughter.  I love to see them drool. I love to see them explore their environs. I love to see how they turn their heads towards sound. I love how they latch on to your face and then watch your every move.  I love the little noises they make to communicate. I love the powdery smell. I love when they hold your hands with those tiny fingers. I love to hear the giggle when they are tickled. I love everything about babies. God knows I cant wait to hold my own.

We are waiting for the stork now.  My wife is anxious and deliriously happy.  I am worried and intoxicating happy.  We hope everything goes well. We know everything would. I would have loved my father-in-law to be there along my baby's other grandparents to shower his blessings, but fates decided otherwise. I am sure he is watching.  I sure hope the Gods that we pray to and the people whom we might have done good deeds for would bless us and our baby.  Looking forward to our little bundle of joy, the sleepless nights, the vomit and poop on our clothes, the untimely feedings, the midnight calls to the pediatrician over trivial concerns, the milky smell that will be party of our lives for the next one year, the worries and the anxieties, the stress and the happiness.  Let me tell you, you yet unborn baby, we love you with all our heart, the sort of unconditional love that we have reserved for you as we await your arrival.