Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 Standing by the tree
Thinking of the flowers
That you took away

How life has turned out
Song without a tune
Flower without a scent

The memories that kept me
Alive in the cold winters
Oh, you took them away
leaving the heart desolate

but somewhere in there
is a bird called Hope
longing to sing
the song of the spring

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Cool moonlight
Colors my heart
In the shades of love


I remember
How I held your hands by the beach.
Held on to your every single word.
Lingering taste of our first kiss.
Phantom pain of the first love bite.
Waking up to your kisses
Warmth of your hugs
Pain when I could not be with you.
They are the memories I live by
They are the memories I would carry to my grave
They are some of the happiest moments in my life
The life where such moments were very rare

I will argue with you
I will forget anniversaries
I will forget all the small things
I will even forget to smell the roses
Many a curveballs that life will throw at me
I will take a swing at everyone of them
I might miss some

I might even have strikeouts
But I will keep on swinging
For the outside chance that
I will hit a home run
To see your eyes twinkle with joy
and the small crinkles
that form on the sides of your mouth

Friday, January 20, 2012


My tears are for me to see. Why should the world see them?
My heartache is for me to bear. How it is of concern to them ? 
My pain is my self-inflicted punishment. Why should you be a part of it?
I decide to suffer silently. I decide to implode . 
I decide to keep my sorrows to myself.  Is that a crime?
I never share, try never to hurt, try to accomodate, try to keep you happy, is that wrong? 
You want me to be me, but then why dont you accept me when I am angry? 
Take me as a whole or reject me wholly, but never in parts. I am what I am.
My tears are invisible and my moans are silent, does it mean I am not hurt? Is my pain so worthless ?

Friday, January 13, 2012

My Bucket List - Part 1

  1. Learn archery and then go hunting to get meat for family brunch.
  2. Have a whipped cream fight with friends.
  3. Bungee jump into a river and catch a fish on the way up.
  4. Hug a cobra and express my love.
  5. Kiss Taj Mahal and claim that Mumtaz Mahal kissed me back.
  6. Dress up as Spiderman and go to the office.
  7. Sing "Humpty Dumpty" loudly in a mall.
  8. Learn pole dancing.
  9. Go to China and open a paneer manchurian stall.
  10. Go to Sri Lanka in search of Ravan.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tears and a bit more

I have fought with myself
All the little battles and the big wars
But all my life have I hoped
for the falling to stop
Wished for my life to move with a place to go
where I don't feel alone

where I won't wonder if there is anyone up above
I have hoped still against hope that I find
the oasis that eludes me, in the shifting sands

But all the Gods that I have believed in
have made my beliefs futile
All I am left with now is a
tear-stained face and a crushed soul
As the nights rush by
without singing me a lullaby
I wonder if there is a solution
or if this life is just an illusion

I cannot tell you how much
I want you here looking out for me
helping me make peace with myself
holding me close to you
and telling me I have a place after all