Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Why is the heart so unhappy?
I have nothing to complain
Things I have lost, i have gained
Things I have gained, I have lost
So, Why is the heart so unhappy?

Events in my life
Both pleasant and unpleasant
have balanced out each other
Then, Why is the heart so unhappy?

Found love
Lost it
Found it again
In a lovely wife
Who loves me like crazy
The fact that I do the same
Makes it more beautiful
Why is the heart so unhappy?

Never had much money to start with
Made some, got foolish with it
Lost a lot, got some back
Never cared much about money
Why is the heart so unhappy?

The question I ask myself
Dont you have enough
to be happy
Then why are you not
I search for the answer
in the myriad thoughts
in my head
Could not come up with
Answer to
Why is my heart so unhappy?

I guess it is my mind
that is playing games
Shows me only the thorns
in the garden of flowers
Negativity and cynicism creeps in
I try to fight
I want to be happy
if not for me
but for her
to see the smile on her face
every morning and night
I have to be happy
I decide to be happy

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